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Bell Baxter High School


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School Expectations


To give all our young people the best preparation for life.


- Respecting ourselves and others

- Providing a safe environment

- Seeking the highest standards

- Making work and learning enjoyable

- Learning from others

- Promoting equality, tolerance and understanding

- Continuously improving

- Celebrating achievement and success


1. Promote and recognise ambition, improvement, achievement and attainment

2. Offer a curriculum which enables pupils to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society and to work

3. Deliver high quality learning and teaching, using up-to-date resources which enable pupils to achieve of their best

4. Be an inclusive school where rights and responsibilities are respected and community partnerships promoted.

5. Provide pupils, parents and staff with support systems which are valued to them.

Code of Conduct:

A Reminder

Follow instructions at all times

Do Not Bring the Following to School:

- Cigarettes / Matches / Lighters

- Fireworks

- Playing Cards

- Drugs / Alcohol

Between Classes:

- No Eating or Drinking

- Walk quickly and quietly to classes

- When waiting to enter a class, line up outside the room

- Permission is required from a teacher if you need to use the toilets during class time

- At interval and lunch - clear table surfaces and use bins provided, food should be eaten in the dining area

- Wearing earphones/listening to music between classes is not allowed

In Class:

- Arrive on time

- Bring proper equipment

- Use your diary planner or electronic device to record any deadlines / homework

- Remove outside jackets

- Mobile phones must be switched off and placed out of sight