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Prefects 2016 / 2017

The school Prefects are organised by the Captains Team in the school.  The Captains Team and Prefects provide a very valuable support service to the school and represent the school in the wider community.  The Prefects often show visitors around the school, and parents and carers will see the Prefects directing to classrooms during Parents’ Evenings.

The Prefect Team for 2016 / 2017 is listed below.

Eve Allen S6 Baxter F

Hannah Bardett S6 Dawson F

Rachel Blair S6 Howe F

Hannah Braidwood S5 Dawson F

Hannah Bryson S6 Howe F

Caitlin Burdis S6 Douglas F

Jennifer Campbell S6 Howe F

Kitty Carr S5 Howe F

Samantha Carrie S5 Douglas F

Siobhan Carson S6 Baxter F

Meg Clark S6 Dawson F

Sarah Coull S5 Bell F

Leanne Crowe S6 Baxter F

Maria Dargie S6 Bell F

Marije de Vries S5 Dawson F

Juliet Downes S5 Dawson F

Eilidh Drummond S6 Douglas F

Isla Evans S5 Dawson F

Beth Forrester S5 Douglas F

Fiona  Gilmour S6 Bell F

Mhairi Gilroy S5 Bell F

Ellena Green S6 Bell F

Robyn Henderson S5 Westport F

Courtney Houston S6 Westport F

Faith Houston S5 Westport F

Simren Kooner S6 Baxter F

Sophie Land S6 Dawson F

Rebecca Laughlin S6 Westport F

Katie Legge S5 Westport F

Kirsty MacIver S5 Westport F

Caitlin MacLeod S6 Bell F

Amie McCrostie S6 Howe F

Lauren McNaughton S6 Westport F

Rhianne Meekison S6 Westport F

Morgan Middleton S6 Dawson F

Eve Mortimer S6 Baxter F

Ailsa Nellies S6 Bell F

Hannah Neville S6 Baxter F

Phoebe O'Toole S5 Howe F

Holly Painter S5 Westport F

Mairi Paterson S6 Bell F

Natalie Pereira S6 Douglas F

Eva Richardson S6 Bell F

Brooke Robertson S6 Westport F

Katie Ross S6 Douglas F

Holly Sinclair S6 Dawson F

Sophie Siriwardena S5 Westport F

Sophie Smith S6 Bell F

Emma Stevenson S6 Howe F

Eilidh Strachan S6 Baxter F

Innes Thomson S6 Dawson F

Claire Vallis S6 Howe F

Megan Watson S6 Bell F

Melissa Weatherhogg S6 Westport F

Orla White S6 Dawson F

Finlay Adams S6 Westport M

Fraser Allan S6 Westport M

Matthew  Allan S6 Douglas M

Louis Appere S6 Baxter M

Tom Barker S6 Baxter M

Craig Burt S5 Baxter M

Daniel Campbell-Rodger S5 Dawson M

Connor Campopiano S6 Douglas M

Robbie Carstairs S6 Howe M

Neil Chalmers S5 Douglas M

Fraser Clunas S6 Westport M

Hector Complin S5 Westport M

Rory Crofts S5 Howe M

Andrew Doyle S5 Dawson M

Cameron Drummond S5 Douglas M

Bryce Dunn S6 Howe M

Peter Egerton S6 Howe M

Kieran Fox S6 Bell M

Michael Gibson S6 Howe M

Ryan Grant S6 Bell M

Cameron Howe S6 Baxter M

Alastair Kendall S5 Baxter M

Alistair Lowe S6 Baxter M

Harry Main S5 Westport M

Fraser Martin S6 Douglas M

Conall McDonagh S5 Westport M

Stuart Melville S6 Douglas M

Jake Middleton S6 Dawson M

Gavin Milne S6 Baxter M

Euan Mitchell S5 Dawson M

David Philson S5 Bell M

Ruadhan Scrivener-Anderson S6 Westport M

James Sneddon S5 Douglas M

Aidan Spowart S5 Bell M

Benjamin Staal S5 Westport M

Jamie Thomson S6 Dawson M

Nico Van Rensburg S5 Howe M

Cameron  Walker S6 Bell M

Fraser Williams S5 Howe M

Robert Withers S5 Westport M

Captains Team 2016 / 2017

Finlay Adams (Captain), Rachel Blair (Captain), Hannah Bardett (Vice Captain), Tom Barker (Vice Captain), Eve Mortimer (Vice Captain) and Jamie Thomson (Vice Captain).