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Bell Baxter High School


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House System

All pupils and staff are assigned to a house within Bell Baxter.  Traditionally, there were four houses within the school, but as a result of a move to a vertical registration system in the new session this number has expanded to include another two houses.  The six houses, led by a Head of House/Year Head, in Bell Baxter are:






Pupils and staff will have opportunities to gain house points throughout the year by participating in a number of events.  Pupils will also gain points for outstanding achievements in the school.

House Champions 2016 - 2017

Westport won the House Cup for this year.

House Captains 2017 - 2018

Our House Captains for this year are:

Baxter          Sasha Forrester and Cerys Stewart

Bell              Sarah Coull and Mhairi Stevens

Dawson       Ainslie Cobban and Ruaridh Griffin

Douglas       Neil Chalmers and Laura Innes

Howe           Eilidh Gray and Nico Van Rensburg

Westport     Kate Hain and Robyn Henderson

Our Sport House Captains for this year are:

Baxter          Owen Robertson

Bell              Holly Roberts

Dawson       Cameron Gourlay

Douglas       Oliver Carter

Howe           Noah Stewart

Westport     Faith Houston

Our Health and Well Being House Captains for this year are:

Baxter          Elodie Adair-Brown

Bell              Mhairi Duncan

Dawson       Anah Dodds

Douglas       Alisha Smith

Howe           Lauryn Gracie

Westport     Freya Jeffrey