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School Facilities

The school has a number of facilities which have been upgraded over the last year to support the demands which Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) has now placed on the school and its accommodation.  In addition to the creation of the new Pupil Reception, the school also installed an industrial kitchen, refurbished the LRC accommodation and created a new Learning Hub.  Last session also saw the hutted accommodation at the back of the school being removed.

Industrial Kitchen

An industrial kitchen has been installed in Home Economics as part of the accommodation changes within the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing.

Pupils now have access to a state of the art kitchen which replicates the facilities they would use in the commercial catering sector.

The second part of the development also saw a restaurant being installed next to this new kitchen facility.

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Library Resources Centre (LRC) & Learning Hubs

The accommodation and facilities managed as part of the LRC has seen the creation of two Learning Hubs; updating and extension of ICT provision, and a re-arrangement of the space / furniture in the LRC.

The LRC’s accommodation has been increased in the upper level; there is a lecture style multi-purpose room in Learning Hub 1, and Smartboards are now available for classes and LRC work throughout the LRC.

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