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S2 Curriculum

A Broad General Education

With the introduction of a Curriculum for Excellence, every child is entitled to experience a broad general education up to the end of S3.  This entitlement enables pupils to develop knowledge and understanding, skills and attributes which equip them for learning, life and work.  In S2 the curriculum is delivered in two parts.  The core curriculum, studied by all pupils and an enrichment programme, tailored to each individual pupil.

Pupils will develop their skills in literacy, numeracy, and health and wellbeing in all curriculum areas.

Enrichment Options

Enrichment Options

The enrichment options available in S2 provide an opportunity for each individual pupil to personalise their own curriculum, study topics in greater depth and broaden their experience by applying skills to new contexts.  Each enrichment option extends learning from the core curriculum or provides the opportunity to develop new skills and experiences.

Full details of all the enrichment options on offer in 2017-2018 are provided at the end of this booklet.  


At the end of S2 pupils will make further choices for S3 to enable them to study areas in greater depth and facilitate increased specialisation.  Choices will be structured within the 8 curriculum areas.   S3 marks the end of the Junior Phase when further choices are made.  These choices lead to the subjects, qualifications and wider achievements that pupils will work towards in S4 and beyond.  The full range of National qualifications delivered within our school (for S4-S6) can be found within our S4-S6 Senior Phase section of course choice available on the school website.

Choosing Enrichment Options

Pupils will study four enrichment options in S2 and should take time to familiarise themselves with the descriptors relating to each course.  There will also be an opportunity to discuss the options with Faculty staff before pupils make their final choice.  

S2 Option Choice

Pupils are asked to complete the “blue” S2 Option Choice Form and rank their preferred choice from 1 to 6 (Number 1 being first choice).  Four options will be allocated.  Whilst every endeavour will be made to accommodate pupil choice, the school reserves the right to withdraw any option if staffing or accommodation is unavailable.  

S2 Option Choice Timeline

Curriculum Area

Through learning in these areas children will be able to:

Expressive Arts

- Be creative and express themselves in different ways.

- Experience and contribute to performance and presentation.

- Appreciate aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas.

Health and Well Being

- Develop and make informed decisions to improve mental,   emotional,   social and physical wellbeing.

- Experience positive aspects of health, living and activity.

- Establish health and wellbeing choices.

Languages (comprising English and Modern Languages)

- Develop their ability to communicate thoughts and feelings and respond   to those of others.

- Develop the high level of skills in listening, talking, reading and writing   essential for learning, work and life.

- Enhance their enjoyment and understanding of their own and other   cultures.


- Develop an understanding of Maths concepts, principles and processes   and their application.

- Engage with abstract concepts and new kinds of thinking.

- Interpret numerical information, draw conclusions, assess risk, problem-   solve and make informed decisions.


- Recognise religions as an expression of the human experience.

- Learn about and from the beliefs, values and practices of Christianity and   other world religions.

- Develop respect for others.


- Demonstrate secure knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts.

- Develop enquiry, investigative skills and practical abilities.

- Express opinions on social, moral and ethical issues in Science.

Social Studies & Citizenship

- Develop knowledge and understanding of people, past events and   societies.

- Develop knowledge and understanding of people, places, environment   and society.

- Explore and evaluate various types of sources and evidence.


- Develop an understanding of the role and impact of technologies in   changing and influencing societies.

- Gain the skills and confidence to embrace new technologies.

- Be capable of making reasoned choices relating to sustainable   development and ethical issues.

Week beginning 13th February 2017

Assembly led by Depute Rector

Week beginning 20th February 2017

- Faculty Curriculum  Information Fortnight

- Issue of Curriculum Booklet

- Discussion in Social education and issue of S2   Enrichment    Option Form

Friday 3rd March 2017

Deadline: return Option Form to Pupil Reception

Tuesday 6th June 2017

New 2017/2018 Timetable begins



Media Maker - We all like a blockbuster movie and enjoy breakfast radio shows, but how would you go about putting one together?  Now is your chance to find out what it can be like to work in the fast and furious film and radio production industries.  If there is a Nick Grimshaw or a Steven Spielberg inside you - this course will let them out!

Music Maestro - Do you love performing music? Have the opportunity to perform in the style of music you enjoy listening to, create a band or compose your own songs using a variety of music software including Garage Band. You can perform music of your choice and incorporate dance into your performance. There is also the opportunity to record your performances and your own songs to a CD, and even build your own instruments!

Musical Theatre For All - Does what it says on the tin!  Working as part of a team, a group of Bell Baxter students will devise and present a piece of all-singing, all-dancing musical theatre. You will form a production company made up of actors, singers, dancers, musicians, back stage crew, publicity – in short, something for all. This course will bring the West End into our own High School.

Music Technology - Have you ever wanted to be a sound engineer? You will have the opportunity to record and mix live music using the latest technology and sound engineering equipment such as ProTools, build soundtracks and sound effects for film and games, learn how to use DJ equipment and create your own episode of a radio show. If you would like to learn new skills and experience the life of a sound engineer, this is the choice for you!

Life Through Drama - You will work on improvisations and scripted drama that reflect life as we know it. You can act, direct or focus on the technical and backstage aspects.  You choose the themes and you choose your audience.  Use drama to make people think and hear the message that you have to tell them.

Architectural Model into Decorative Tile - An opportunity to investigate, develop and create a series of 3D architectural models derived from the built environment or natural forms.  You will then use your visual research to investigate, develop and create a series of 3D tile outcomes derived from natural or manmade forms. 

Illustration into Moving Image - This enrichment will enable you to explore a range of creative drawing skills which are used by professional animators to create animated feature films. You will explore how to create a sequence of drawings which imitate movement. Starting with a 2 dimensional character you will eventually develop your visual ideas into a short animated feature.


Rugby - The Rugby enrichment is aimed at boys and girls already involved in playing school/club rugby. The focus is on individual fitness and skills. Strength and conditioning training (e.g. Olympic lifting technique) Handling skills, speed and agility training (e.g. passing and offloading practices, ladder drills) Position specific skills (e.g. lineout lifting, kicking for touch) Tactical awareness and game analysis (e.g. attacking and defending strategies) For any queries regarding this course, please contact Mr Runciman in the PE Department.

Food for Today - This course will consist of a single period lesson each week with a mix of theory and practical. Over the year pupils will cover three units: Foods of the world; farm to fork; current trends. Pupils will develop an awareness that food practices and choices depend on many factors including availability, sustainability, season, cost, religious beliefs, culture, peer pressure, advertising and the media. Through these units pupils will develop an understanding of how culture and belief have an impact on the food that is eaten, gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from, the journey it makes to get to them and the impact this can have on the environment, information on current food trends and current food issues in the media such as the impact sugar is having on our health.

Organising Sport - this has an overriding theme which provides pupils with an opportunity to plan, organise, deliver, review and improve a sporting session or event.  It aims to develop pupils’ knowledge, understanding and practical abilities across a range of activities. Students will be expected to organise, manage and compete in festival style events/tournaments. Pupils will also develop aspects of leadership allowing them to take charge of practical sporting sessions. Pupils who select this course will need a passion for sport and a willingness to be flexible as skills in leadership, organisation, planning, self-evaluation, coaching, refereeing and multimedia production will all be put to the test.  


English and Teenage Fiction - An exciting opportunity to read, discuss and write about quality Teenage Fiction.  Find out how authors create those plots and characters we love.  Lots of reading and creating your own best seller!  Meet and listen to real authors, write to or e-mail an author, create a Fiction blog – it’s up to you.  A trip to the Edinburgh Book Festival is usually included.

English and Famous Writers - Research and discover the secrets of our most famous writers’ lives and what inspired them to write.  This is an opportunity to learn more and you are in control.  Explore the life and works of your chosen writers, to enhance your understanding of writers’ craft, develop skills and confidence in research; presentation; and writing in the style of inspiring and influential writers.

Beginners’ Spanish -  Have you always wanted to speak a different language?  Maybe you would like to speak three languages?  Now is your chance!  Imagine being able to communicate with an even wider range of friends, from so many different countries and cultures.  These courses offer you an introduction to the skills required to help you to do just that.

Latin - If you are interested in mythology and the legends of ancient Rome and want to learn Latin, this is the course for you. Learning Latin will help you understand some of the most difficult words in English! Carpe diem!  

European Football - You will improve your language skills through the topic of football in this Enrichment. You will learn about football vocabulary in different languages; look at famous football players; explore the history of European football; design your own football stadium; and discover some of the most interesting football towns around Europe.


Mathematical Adventures - Step into the intriguing and fascinating world of Mathematics and develop your mind solving puzzles and problems.  In Maths Adventures pupils will find themselves challenged with a series of different tasks all of which relate to some aspect of problem solving in Mathematics.  They will investigate structures, seek patterns, develop logical arguments and find out about some unusual and quirky Maths facts.  Pupils who choose this course need to have a high level of interest in Mathematics and problem solving.


Raiders of the Lost Past - It’s what Indiana Jones would do! This course will bring St. Andrews Cathedral back to life as you will experience it from the perspective of a medieval pilgrim using a mixture of storytelling, art, craft and design, interactive drama, historical re-enactment and outdoor learning. You will learn about the significance of this religious building to Scotland’s heritage and culture.  Ideally suited if you enjoy the above as well archaeology and rumours of human sacrifice in Fife!


Investigative Chemistry - Take part in a variety of group and independent practical activities or investigations. You will be taught to identify indicators of chemical reactions and describe ways of controlling the rate of reactions. Learn how to collect, analyse and report on experimental data during chemical reactions and draw appropriate conclusions. Collaborate with others to find and present information on scientists from Scotland and beyond.

Rocketry, Communication and Waves - In this course students will have the opportunity to study: communications over short and large distance by using sound waves; how electromagnetic waves send messages across large distances; investigate Newton’s laws of motion and study energy through experimenting with and designing rockets; equations linked to the laws of motion and apply numeracy skills to solve problems.

Biology: The Living World - This Biology course is intended to give students an understanding of biodiversity and the relationships existing between living things on our planet. It introduces students to food chains/webs, building out from this to include topics diverse as predator/prey relationships; adaptation; parasites and how organisms can use mimicry to escape being eaten or to capture food. In addition we will study animal body systems, and look in detail at the digestive system, the respiratory system and the circulatory system.


Geography Wonders of the World - You will look at some of the natural and manmade geographical wonders of the world.  The natural wonders will look at the geology and processes that create features such as deserts and rain forests.  The human wonders will look at the mega structures such as cities and dams.  The skills you develop will include observing, describing, recording, developing and using maps, developing an awareness of sequence and chronology and critical thinking.

Conflict - Conflict pupils will explore the issues of Human Rights and Human Rights violations (The Hillsborough Disaster, etc). Pupils will also study pressure groups, their methods and some famous examples.  You will study conflict in the Middle East between the Arabs and Israelis and look at the history, Britain’s involvement, the importance of the region and possible solutions to the problem.  

Revolution - REVOLUTION! Guillotines, swords, anarchy and mayhem! What happens when a major change takes place? A revolution means a complete change affecting any aspect of life. Some revolutions in history have, quite literally, changed the world. This Enrichment offers you the chance to learn all about these world-changing events; the French, American and Russian Revolutions, the Industrial Revolution and the Chinese Cultural Revolution, as well as other interesting events which happened around these times. So if you fancy learning why the French King lost his head, why the Americans threw crates of British tea into the ocean or why the Russian Emperor was thrown down a mine, then this is the topic for you!  


Multimedia Elements - Pupils will gain experience using a range of software to design, develop and edit multimedia elements.  This course will help pupils develop practical skills in desktop publishing, editing graphics, animation, movie making, website design and development. This will allow pupils to enhance their practical skills and learn how to design and present digital information. 

Programming - Pupils will develop analytical and problem solving skills by designing and creating computer programs to solve a range of problems.  This course will look at a range of different languages and approaches to computer programming by creating various applications including computer games and web pages.  Pupils will learn to take a solution focused approach through analysis and design and will develop their evaluation skills by reflecting on the effectiveness of their created application.

Business Enterprise, Apps and New Technology - Pupils will experience the enterprise process from invention to selling.  Using modern multimedia technology they will be given the opportunity to create a product or an app, carry out market research and create an advertising campaign.  The recording of the advertising campaign will be an audio-visual experience. Where possible, product and app ideas will be developed into prototypes.  They will have the opportunity to create a lifestyle magazine, using their creative multimedia skill set. Links will be made to allow pupils to understand how skills learned can be applied in life, learning and work.  Pupils will then take part in the stock market challenge to learn how the stock market works and how to make money with investments. Working as part of a team to build a virtual portfolio of stocks and shares, Competing against other investment teams throughout the Technologies faculty.  

Design It Yourself - With a strong focus on Design, pupils will gain an insight into the main concepts and processes involved in generating and developing Ideas to solve design problems. Pupils will develop their sketching and rendering skills, learn about the design process, manufacturing processes, tools and machinery. Pupils will be expected to develop their own ideas and manufacture concepts in response to a design brief.

Creative Graphics - Pupils will gain a broad and wide ranging study of various aspects of Graphic Communication. Modern drawing techniques (using 3D computer modelling software) will be used to explore a range of everyday products.  They will learn about sketching, rendering and how to develop presentation techniques to help produce high quality promotional graphics.

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