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S.Q.A., Exams and Study Leave

This area of the site will include direct links to:

- Summative Assessment Timetable

- Easter Revision School

- Study Leave Arrangements

- S.Q.A. Exam Timetable

- S.Q.A. Tools and Resources

Use this section of the website alongside the “Study Skills” and “Study Support Programme” pages to help you get organised for exams.

There are a number of publications in the Library Resource Centre (LRC) to support the new National 5 and Higher qualifications: resources guides will be updated shortly.  Please speak to the LRC staff to locate the study guides in the LRC.  There are also study guides and past papers to support the current Higher and Advanced Higher level exams.

SQA Contact Information
Telephone - 0345 279 1000
Email -

SQA Results Day - Tuesday 8th August 2017
For help, advice and any questions you have about your National Qualifications you can talk to SAM at the SQA on Facebook, Twitter, The Student Room or subscribe to the SQA YouTube channel.
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