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Course Choice

At the end of each year pupils will be given the opportunity to make choices about the courses they will take in the following academic year.  Pupils will be issued with course choice information during their Social Education time prior to course counselling.

Parents and pupils should speak to their House Head should they have any questions about the course counselling process in the school.

Senior Phase

Junior Phase







Full details regarding the New National Qualifications and progression routes can be found at the following websites:

Scottish Qualifications Authority;

PlanIT Plus

Information on careers can be found at:

Strengths and My DNA Tests

        CV builder

       Careers A-Z

      Course Search

(Skills Development Scotland)

Other Useful websites include:

Nationals in a Nutshell

The National Parent Forum has produced summary documents entitled “Nationals in a Nutshell”.  These documents outline the course content in each of the new National courses and can be accessed using the following web address:

or by keying in “National Parent Forum Scotland” into Google or any other search engine.