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Pupil Absence Notification

Bell Baxter no longer has a registration period at the start of each day. Class teachers takes an electronic record of attendance during each period throughout the school day.


There is a warning bell at 8.40 a.m. Every morning. Pupils should be in their period 1 class no later than 8.45 a.m.

If a pupil arrives after 8.45 a.m. they should report to the Pupil Reception and sign in. A member of the office staff will mark them late and give a late slip to be passed to the class teacher to explain lateness to class.

Latecoming means pupils are missing lessons as well as inconveniencing others. Being punctual is an important personal quality.

Absence From School

Very occasionally pupils can be absent from school.  It is important that the school is notified as soon as possible by any of the following methods:

- telephone (01334 659459)

- text message (07860 004290)

- email (

Where no explanation is given for the absence an alert text message will be sent to the pupil’s parent/carer to alert them and request a reason for the absence. If the school has received no contact about an absence after three days, home will be contacted.

The School requires daily updates about a pupil’s absence unless the number of days is indicated at the start of the absence.

Written notes are required where the absence has been notified by telephone. This is not required for text or email notifications.


An appointment card or letter from parent/carer is required prior to an appointment, Pupils should take this to Pupil Reception where they will receive an out of school slip allowing early release from class. Pupils must sign out at Pupil Reception before leaving school for the appointment.

Feeling Unwell

If a pupil feels ill at school, their teacher will allow them to report to Pupil Reception to see one of our School Support Officers. Pupils should not make arrangements with parents to leave school early due to illness.

Pupils must never leave the school during normal school hours without permission of their House Head or a senior member of staff, no matter the reason.