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Reporting & Assessment

A. Supporting Pupils’ Learning

At Bell Baxter High School our Assessment and Reporting systems are designed to support learning, provide feedback to pupils, parents and other teachers and to young people to identify their next steps in learning.

As a school we are committed to :

How do we do this?

What can parents/carers do to support the process?

B. Assessment

Assessment is used to meet a variety of purposes:

C. Reporting and Parents’ Meetings

The reporting process is supported by an annual opportunity for parents to meet face to face with teaching staff. For S1, Parents’ Meetings are held in December, to inform parents of how pupils have settled into their courses; Reports for S1 are issued in May. In S2 Parents’ Meetings are held in February prior to S3 course selection and reporting is on similar lines with the issue of a full Report in May.

Third Year Reports are issued in January. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year Reports are issued in late February / early March following summative course assessments. Senior Parents’ Evenings are split by course type with ‘Nationals’ held on the first evening and ‘Higher’ and ‘Advanced Higher’ held on the second evening. Currently both take place in November.

Reporting for S1-S3 is in line with Curriculum for Excellence. Presently in S4-S6, Reports are issued in a form which details the assessable elements of S.Q.A. National Qualification courses or Higher/Advanced Higher courses. The Reports also indicate an estimated “Band” of performance in line with S.Q.A. Guidelines.  Where appropriate, the S4-S6 Reports also include information about performance in the units which lead to S.Q.A. awards.