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Weekly Updates 2016/2017

The school publishes a newsletter at the end of every term during the session.  The newsletter captures the work of all of our faculties; informs parents and carers about all pertinent local and national developments in education, and remains an important way of promoting future events to the wider school community.

The newsletter also provides the Parent Council with an opportunity to update our parents and carers about their activities during the term.

 Term 1 Weekly Updates

 Term 2 Weekly Updates

Week 18

9th January 2017

wk beg 9th January 2017.pdf

Week 19

16th January

Week 20

23rd January

Week 21

30th January

wk beg 16th January 2017.pdf

Week 22

6th February 2017

Week 23

13th February

Week 24

20th February

Week 25

27th February

Week 26

6th March 2017

Week 27

13th March 2017

Week 28

20th March 2017

Week 29

27th March 2017

wk beg 23rd January 2017.pdf