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Health and Wellbeing Week 2017

Activities Day has been a highly successful venture at Bell Baxter High School for many years.  It demonstrates our commitment to building good working relationships with pupils and maintaining and improving the ethos of the school.

The events offered are designed to help young people develop their ability to work with others, to work independently, to offer them new challenges, to develop new skills, meet people in a different context and, hopefully, have fun.

Selected Activity

Some of our activities are more expensive than others, the price reflects the cost of the activity and we have made every effort to keep costs as low as possible.

We will try to give pupils their preferred choice but spaces in certain activities are limited and therefore we will have to prioritise. The organisation of the programme is complex and it is important that your child attends the activity he/she is given.  If any pupil is not committed to an activity by the deadline, he/she will be allocated a free in-school activity and be supervised.

We cannot guarantee refunds for non-attendance.


1. Prices and venues may change for an activity from that shown due to: less number of pupils attending than the maximum, the Activity Centre increasing its prices, availability, or bus company prices increasing. These are beyond the schools control and pupils will be advised when the request for payment is made in April.

2. As with each Activities Day, there is a chance you will not get your first choice due to:

As such, ensure you choose activities you are willing to do if you do not get your first choice as you are EXPECTED to attend your allocated activity if it is ONE of your choices.


The walk has been a successful part of a health related week in recent years. The walk is designed to make pupils aware of the world around them, promote the importance of physical activity, develop peer relationships and enhance determination in young people. Different locations have included the Cupar area, Hill of Tarvit and Loch Leven.

Pupils will contribute £2 (on the day) for the bus which will take them to the location. If for any reason your son/daughter cannot attend then please tick the box on the consent form.

Alternative arrangements will be made for pupil who cannot attend the walk.

Monday 29th May 2017

Normal timetable plus Sports Heats (S1 and S3)

Tuesday 30th May 2017

Normal timetable plus Sports Heats (S2 and S3)

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Normal timetable

Thursday 1st June 2017

(Non-timetable day)

S1 - Walk

S2 Activities Day

S3 - Walk or School based Activities

Friday 2nd June 2017

(Non-timetable day)

S1 - Eco Day

S2 - Walk

S3 - Activities Day

S2 Activities S3 Activities